Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Hero Kids Bundle of Holding!

Friends, the latest Bundle of Holding is all Hero Kids, all the time!

This bundle includes over $80 of fantasy and sci-fi Hero Kids PDFs for a fantastic low price, and in support of the Reading is Fundamental charity.

If you've only got the core Hero Kids rules, this is a great opportunity to complete your collection.

Hero Kids - Bundle of Holding

Monday, 5 March 2018

Monstrous heroes into the fray!

This expansion for Hero Kids includes ten new monstrous heroes:

• Gargoyle Ambusher - The gargoyle hides in plain sight and swoops to attack
• Bugbear Brute - The bugbear brute swings a tree-trunk club
• Frogling Hunter - The frogling's sticky tongue pulls enemies closer
• Minotaur Knight - This bovine beast can charge with fierce horns
• Mummy Mage - The withering mummy terrifies enemies
• Goblin Rogue - Sneaky goblins scamper in and out from enemies
• Tengu Rogue - This baby tengu rains daggers at distracted enemies
• Fox Trickster - The fox deceives enemies with cunning and guile
• Kobold Warrior - This tiny kobold is a reckless warrior
• Lizardkin Warrior - Lizardkin are versatile warriors

Get them now from DriveThruRPG:
Hero Kids - Fantasy Expansion - Hero Cards V

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Super Kids wins Judge's Spotlight award in BAMFsies

Check it out, Conrad Evanshire's Hero Kids expansion Super Kids won a Judge's Spotlight in the BAMFsies awards for super hero RPGs.

2017 BAMFsies Awards Announced

"Super Kids
Arguably the most successful kid-friendly, family-oriented RPG in the world gets a superpowered upgrade with this one, and it doesn't disappoint. All those superhero movies are gonna have the youngsters wanting to power up, so here you go."

Even better, Super Kids is on sale now in the DriveThruRPG BAMFsies sale:

DriveThruRPG - Conrad Evanshire